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jackunzel week: day five  it takes two to tango


Rapunzel has been having Nightmares, and feels the need to look for Pitch and confront him. Obviously Jack knows it’s a absolutely horrible idea, and shoots it down instantly. However, being as stubborn as she is, she makes up her mind that with or without him, forgetting that perhaps he was just trying to keep her safe, she goes without Jack, and tries to reason with the Boogeyman.

Pitch Black isn’t one to make a deal with, however, and thinks that Rapunzel asking kindly for him to stop was an act of dishonor against his work. He immediately snaps into torment-mode, picking and teasing at the fact that Jack had let her go alone, and plants the seed in her mind that he does not love her. Naive, confused and unsettled, Rapunzel puts her guard down long enough for Pitch to hatch a plan of revenge on the Winter Spirit.

Jack was looking for his Rapunzel, feeling horrible about himself, when he stumbled down a hole in the ground and into a horrifying scene in front of him. Pitch planned everything perfectly, from Jack’s arrival to the position of the girl, and before Jack could react, Pitch ready, aimed and fired right at the golden flower.

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